Silk Biomaterials

A revolution in tissue regeneration

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  • Silk Biomaterials is developing a breakthrough tissue regeneration technology by harnessing the natural properties of silk

  • Our technology platform will initially target damaged blood vessels, by creating vascular conduits that will lead to a functional tissue regeneration

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An inspiration from nature

Silk is an exciting biomaterial for fabricating scaffolds

  • Harnessing the power of nanofibers

    By employing electrospinning technologies, Silk Biomaterials is able to obtain and manipulate silk nanofibers to attain desired properties

  • A truly biomimetic environment

    Electrospun nanofibers have excellent biocompatibility properties and form a biodegradable matrix for vascular tissue replacement withouth the need for a cellularization

  • Add some microfibers to the recipe

    By combining nanofibers with microfibers, our vascular grafts improve their biomechanical properties, while maintaining full biocompatibility

  • Burst strenght, better handling and suturability

    Our silk based vascular grafts have a burst pressure similar to native arteries and, thanks also to the micro layer, will be easily employed by vascular surgeons